Thicc Thocc: Keyboard Rebuild

Thicc Thocc: Keyboard Rebuild

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My Holy Panda switches arrived today so I decided to take a few hours to install them.

Step one

Finish removing the existing pudding caps, the 72 Zealio Zilent 78gs, and the 2 Kailh Silvers.

Step Two

Blow the detritus out of the board and wipe it down.

Step three

Drop the Holy Pandas in.

Step four

Mix and match three sets of Dream Eater SA keycaps to cover all caps.

This last step proved difficult as Dream Eater has no set specifically for the Moonlander. Instead, I mixed an Ergodox set, a Planck/Preonic set, and a Specials set. Sure there are duplicate ERDZX keys, but the colors match and I don't type in QWERTY so the glyphs don't matter anyway.

Sound tests:

Holy Panda vs Zealio Zilents
Holy Panda + Dream Eater SA caps

I'm already planning my next build. I'm planning on frankensteining the Holy Pandas and Zealio Zilents to build a true atrocity.

I'll be combining the housing of the pandas, the stem of the Zilents, and 45g springs. My goal is to create as deep a thocc as possible while still being easy to type on. The 78s were a bit tough for me to get used to and I think for me to reach maximum speed when typing I'll need a bit less actuation force.

It may seem a bit redundant to frankenstein a frankenstein switch, but that's what I'm planning.

Unholy Pandas, coming soon to an overpriced drop near you.

Mixed Dream Eater SAs on my Moonlander Mark I